About Me


Hi there!

It has been a long while since I am thinking of what to name this site.

I previously have a travel blog, but realized that I have revealed too much in it, when an employer (and the whole office) who was set to interview me, talked about it, and the “me” in that blog.

It seems that they already knew too much about me, even before the interview began. So, right then and there I stopped posting in that blog. I will delete it when I transfer some of its content here. My grammar is also terrible that time.

I want a website where I will be anonymous. I am introvert and I do not like attention. The main purpose of this blog is so that I can document my journey to different places, my food frenzy, and just random stuff that I think are worthy of sharing to my friends.

This is not bragging, simply sharing. I hide my surname, to prevent future employers from knowing the other side of me, before they see me.

I am Sheila.

Welcome to the other side of me.

Share with me the joy of making my dreams, into a reality.

One step at a time.