Binondo Food Crawl

World’s largest Chinese Arch in the Binondo, the world’s largest Chinatown.

It has been two years since I wanted a Binondo Food Crawl. I went there last February 2019 but just stopped by to buy some hopia at Eng Bee Tin as my companion did not understand why I wanted to eat in different restaurants in Binondo when I can eat at a specific Chinese restaurant in a mall.

Last weekend, I went with my officemate for our first time Binondo food crawl. With so much research, I eventually finalized an itinerary in which we could eat more types of food, while walking in between restaurants, and spending less since we will be sharing servings. We must share so that we will not immediately be full, hence we can try more foods.

We left our hotel via LRT-1 and arrived at Carriedo station a little after 9:30 AM. I thought this is a good time since it is the start of the day, not too early yet not so sunny yet, and we would not be lining up in the food stalls. Indeed, I was right. Our first destination is the famous Shanghai Fried Siopao.

You cannot miss Shanghai Fried Siopao at Sabino Padilla street.
Inside the store.

This is one of my favorites in this food crawl. The siopao is just 22 pesos each, we bought one piece and shared it. We want to preserve the space in our stomachs for the other foods! I really want to bring some of the siopao home but we were staying in a hotel without a fridge so I was afraid it might be spoiled.

Insides of the fried siopao.

The Shanghai Fried Siopao is the normal steamed meat bun, but the bottom was fried, hence the crisp. It was so good! And at 22 pesos, it was totally worth it. The store also sells different foods packed in styro.

Other food packs available.

After the fried siopao, we walked via Ongpin to the end of Benavidez street to try the special beef mami at Masuki Mami House.

Road to Mazuki Mami House.

The restaurant was already occupied with patrons when we arrived and there were two vacant tables. We sat down and ordered the special beef mami. We told the waitress that we are sharing it and she readily divided the serving to two separate small bowls. The mami is good but honestly, nothing special. The same taste with other mami you can order in other Chinese restaurant, but the serving is abundant at 220 pesos.

Half serve of the Special Beef Mami.

Next stop is Wai Ying Fast Food. It was already almost 11AM so the restaurant is full. We were waiting for a table for around 15 minutes, luckily, it was already our turn and we did not lined up.

Food prep area at Wai Ying Fast Food.

When we went out, there is quite a line outside. We ordered Hakaw priced at 120 pesos for 4 pieces. It was so good and was very generous with the shrimps! I wish I had more but I was already full from the siopao and mami, and there are still few more destinations for this food trip.

Hakaw from Wai Ying Fast Food!

After Wai Ying, we walked to Dong Bei Dumpling located at Yuchengco street. We are third in queue of this small hole in the wall. We ordered the famous kuchay dumpling at 220 pesos for 14 pieces. I admired how I see the dumplings made, but I was a little disappointed because the staff are not so attentive and they were even fighting with a little slamming of the kitchen wares.

How kuchay dumplings are made. View while waiting for an available

We did not finished the kuchay dumplings as we were full and we prefer it fried rather than steamed. The filling is good though but I am not a fan of the wrapper.

Kuchay dumplings at Dong Bei.

We are supposed to go to New Po-Heng Lumpia House for their fresh lumpia and then Sincerity Restaurant for their famous fried chicken but were already so full and decided to wrap up our food crawl with a little shopping at Eng Bee Tin. We passed by several vendors selling fruits and we checked a Chinese grocery store that sells a lot of Chinese items not normally seen in other grocery chains.

Asian Kamote.

Chinese grocery.

Chinese grocery.
Chinese grocery.

I was so amazed at the big Eng Bee Tin store along Ongpin street, just beside the Binondo Church. I think this is the main branch as this is large with a restaurant and souvenir shop at the second floor. Aside from the famous hopia, this store also sells frozen Chinese food (dumplings, siopao, etc.) that are ready to heat when you get home. What did not skip my eyes is the enormous Christmas tree with hopia packaging as ornaments. It is so colorful.

Do not forget to buy those hopia!
Hopia packaging used as ornaments.
Eng Bee Tin’s Christmas Tree.

This Binondo food crawl is indeed fruitful and there will definitely be a Part 2 soon, and I am gonna take home some of that fried siopao!

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