CEB Inflight Game: June 2019

I have been flying via Cebu Pacific for the more than five years a few times every month, due to the nature of my work.

Here, I will update you of the in-flight games of Cebu Pacific, monthly.

It’s been quite a while since I haven’t posted anything about the Cebu Pacific Inflight Games. So I am back at it today. Still mid June so I guess it is still not too late to post this.

The inflight game for Cebu Pacific this June 2019 (based on my two plane rides last week), is themed “Back to the 90s.”

The crew will describe movies and music which were famous in the 90s and all you have to do and guess the correct answer. Sample questions:

June 2019 Inflight Magazine

“Back to the 90s”

1. Hakuna Matata is a phrase popularized in English in this 1994 Disney movie – LION KING

2. Hinahanaphanap Kita and Kisapmata are songs popularized by this 90s band – RIVERMAYA

3. It is a movie in which a bioengineering company, have created a theme park featuring cloned dinosaurs and prehistoric plants – JURASSIC PARK

Prize: Passport Pouch

So prepare yourselves and raise your hands immediately when the game begins to win Cebu Pacific items.

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