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It was a random day when me and my friend were talking about destination weddings. I said that a Baguio or Tagaytay wedding would be ideal because of its weather, that it could prevent “baskil” to everyone, especially while wearing formal clothes. My friend immediately said that she has not been to Tagaytay, even after four university years in Manila, so we decided to go on a day trip a week after.

Tagaytay souvenir!

I have been to Tagaytay many times and reading online, I have learned that for a short visit such as ours, there are three places that might be considered a “must-visit.” These are the People’s Park in the Sky, Picnic Grove and the Skyranch. For our very short visit to the popular holiday city, I chose these three places to go to.

We left Manila at 12 noon. From NAIA-3, I took the airport bus to the terminal near MRT Taft. At the same terminal, I met my friend and we took a bus bound to Nasugbu. We bought lunch at the nearby Mc Donalds, and we ate it in the bus.

We paid 77 pesos for the fare up to Olivarez terminal in Tagaytay. It took us more than two hours to reach the terminal. In the terminal, we asked around for the jeep to People’s Park in the Sky and the people there are very helpful. We reached the park and paid the entrance fee of 30 pesos. We have to walk up to the view deck, thankfully there was another jeep taking passengers up for a fee.

Taal Volcano View from the People’s Park in the Sky.

People’s Park in the Sky is located at the peak of Mount Sungay, the highest point in Cavite at 709 meters. Walking to the top, if you are not fit enough, is a burden. And we are in a limited time so riding a jeep to the top is very convenient.

View from the People’s Park in the Sky.

The peak was overlooking the city and a little of the Taal Volcano. The wind is really cool making the heat of the sun negligible. As “science professionals,” we were thrilled to see the PAG-ASA DOST Dopper Radar in the area. We stayed for only a few minutes at the park and we caught another jeepney, going down at the crossing.

PAG-ASA DOST Dopper Radar

From the crossing, we found a tricycle which could bring us to the Picnic Grove for 80 pesos. It was about 15 minutes away and I found the fee cheap. Though a jeepney option is also available but it was good to ride the tricycle after a long time.

Overlooking view from the People’s Park in the Sky.

We arrived at the Picnic Grove and it has a really nice view of the Taal Volcano. There is a zip line and a new ferry’s wheel in the area. There are souvenir shoppes and snack vendors. There are tables for picnics. There are many people in the area on a hot Friday afternoon.

Taal Volcano view from the Picnic Grove.

After Picnic Grove, we rode a van (a canvasser was calling out and we took the opportunity to ride an air-conditioned vehicle even for 50 pesos each) to Skyranch. We were thankful we took the van as apparently jeepneys are mostly full outside. We arrived at Skyranch around 5PM already. We went inside, took photos but we never took any of the rides. Skyranch also has a great view of the Taal Volcano.

Skyranch signage.

Super Viking ride at Skyranch.

The ferris wheel at Skyranch.

We were on our way out when we saw the very beautiful sun setting. The moment was so magical, I really enjoyed it personally but was not able to capture it beautifully.

Beautiful Tagaytay sunset.

Another shot of the sunset.

After which, we went out and cross the highway into The Barracks Food Park. In this food park are several food stalls selling different kinds of foods. And they are not expensive! We selected steak and Taquitos for our dinner plus a pitcher of iced tea and we only paid 549 pesos.

The Barracks.

Tables inside The Barracks

Food stalls inside The Barracks.

After dinner, we rode the jeep and told the driver to drop us off to the bus terminal. We were able to ride the bus back to Manila and surprisingly it took us just a little over two hours back to NAIA-3. I expected it to be 3-4 hours due to previous experience on traffic, but this day, it was the southbound lane which is stuck.

Steak for two for only 249 pesos.

Overall, the experience is very good. We don’t have a detailed itinerary as we are only going to three spots and I was reliant on asking around for directions. Fortunately, the people we met there are very helpful and I found them honest, especially the fare on the van and tricycle. Tagaytay is a very good place for a first time traveller as it has good view and very easy to navigate plus, you can found cheap but delicious foods. It was a greatly spent Friday and no regrets on the 924 pesos expenses.

Total breakdown of expenses:

Total breakdown of expenses for one person.

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