CEB Inflight Game: June 2018

I have been flying via Cebu Pacific for the past five years a few times every month, due to the nature of my work.

Here, I will update you of the in-flight games of Cebu Pacific, monthly.

Inflight Magazine for June 2018.

For the month of June 2018, the theme is “June Bride.”
The flight attendant will describe or read the synopsis of a romantic movie, including the actors in it and all you have to do is guess the title of the movies.

I find this difficult because while the synopses were read, I could recall the movie, even the sound track, but I cannot just remember the titles! I was already in four flights this week and I still have not won. I will be in two more flights next week, hoping I will win.

Sample movies in the game are:

  • The In-laws
  • The Proposal
  • Maid of Honor
  • Maid in Manhattan

The prize is a pouch!

So prepare yourselves and raise your hands immediately when the game begins and the FA reads the synopsis, to win Cebu Pacific items.





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