Star Cruises: Day 6 – Hello Manila!
This is a complete account of our joining the Super Star Virgo Cruise last Mar 10-15, 2018. In this part, you will find what we did inside on our first day in the ship. It is our first time to join a cruise, and as it may not be perfect, we made the most out of the experience. Total cost I incurred on this trip for both my mother and me is approximately Php 63,700 (1USD = 52 PhP, 1HKD = 7.33 PhP).

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Summary of Expenses

Our last day at the ship is March 15. Though there were unforeseen happenings and some were really complaining, we were still contented and we made the most out of it. There is no use in ranting over and over again, we just chose to enjoy as we are already there. And from what we paid in total, I think we were not ripped off and it is just fair for both parties.

We had our breakfast at our favorite restaurant the Star Dining and finalized our packing after. We were told that we will disembark at 9:30AM so we already lined up at 9AM. The disembarkation is by deck number and it was not prompt since there is still government compliance needed to be completed.

Last breakfast in SSV for this trip.

At around 9:40, the queue for disembarkation started to move. I took our two luggage plus my backpack, and carried it down the stairs to save time (rather than waiting for the lift). Before this trip, I already told my mom that we will only buy few pasalubongs to avoid so many things to carry in the end. Good thing, the 10 dozens of coffee from the ship, 3 boxes of pineapple cake (which we unboxed and left the boxes behind) and some little goods from Japan, fitted in our luggage, my mother’s handbag and my backpack. So we only bought the same number of bags when we embarked the ship a few days ago.

I will hand-carry these bags.

Waiting for disembarkation.

We finally got out of the port at around 10:30AM. There is a free shuttle to the Manila Ocean Park but we opted to walk to Bonifacio Drive where we will then catch our GrabCar. It was almost a kilometer walk but we did not mind as long as we can be ontime for the airport. Luckily, we were able to get a GrabCar and we arrived at NAIA 3 at around 11:30AM.

Welcome to Manila!

With this experience, I really hope that the port in Manila will be improved especially if it will cater to cruise lines. When we disembarked, we met the new passengers who will embark the cruise on that day. That also happened when we embarked on our first day.  Outgoing and ingoing passengers were mixed and I think the terminal is small (compared to Keelung).

We walked this route to avoid delay.

We miss these Filipino foods!

We heard so many negative comments on this cruise. Many people were ranting on Facebook. We all have different experiences and inconveniences. But for me, as long as my mother is happy on this trip, I do not care much about the problems we encountered. We just accepted it and went on with the trip, planning to make the most out of it and enjoy it. And yes, if given the chance, I would still sail with Star Cruises, perhaps next year, with my mother.


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