Star Cruises: Day 2 – At High Seas
This is a complete account of our joining the Super Star Virgo Cruise last Mar 10-15, 2018. In this part, you will find what we did inside on our first day in the ship. It is our first time to join a cruise, and as it may not be perfect, we made the most out of the experience. Total cost I incurred on this trip for both my mother and me is approximately Php 63,700 (1USD = 52 PhP, 1HKD = 7.33 PhP).

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Summary of Expenses

Following our first night in the ship, we woke up early at 5AM and tried the early riser meal at the Taverna, which is located at 13 Aft. It is an alfresco restaurant where they served coffee, hot chocolate, tea, several breads and pastries for the early risers. Some are still in their pajamas and really enjoying the day in the cruise. It is so windy in this area so don’t forget to bring a wrap.

Early riser meal at the Taverna.

After our coffee, we took a walk and went to Star Dining at Deck 6 for our breakfast. We were early at 6:30 AM so there was no queue yet. The buffet option is few with only two main dishes (ham and chorizo for this day), one vegetable dish and garlic rice. However, there are fruits, cereals, salad, congee, breads and you can request eggs and omelets. The coffee will be served when you are seated.

Breakfast at Star Dining.

There are so many activities you can enjoy inside like the Trivia Quiz with the cruise staff at the Galaxy. After this, we joined the morning dance exercise in the same venue. The cruise staff who facilitated the dance exercise was amazed that there are so many people who joined.

Dance exercise at the Galaxy.

After that was a special session called “Tour Talk,” wherein we were briefed on our shorex. On what the weather will be in Keelung and Miyakojima, and what to expect to see there.

We went back to our room after to rest and we did not take the morning snacks as we are still full. We took our lunch at the Pavilion where they will serve your food in your table when you are seated (not buffet). Here, we were assigned at a shared table since the area is pretty small compared to the Star Dining.

Lunch at Pavilion.

Since it is a Chinese restaurant, we were served tea and some peanut and seaweed as appetizer. We were then served chicken feet soup which I did not took a fancy on. Our main dish is braised pork and fried chicken, with rice. At your table are chopsticks but you can politely ask for spoon and fork. Since we are in a shared table, there are two sets of everything. One for me and my mom and another for the other group. We were served a dessert composed of barley which we all agree is weird as we are not used to it.

Lunch at Pavilion.

We rest after and then at 2PM we went to the Duty Free shop as there are promotion on some items. We did not buy anything as it is not in our budget and I know that we can buy better/useful things with our money.

Promotion at Duty Free.

We went to Lido restaurant to have our teatime! There is a buffet of breads and pastries, served with coffee or tea. After which, we went back to the Galaxy of Stars to play Bingo with a jackpot prize of 1,888,888 HKD.

We walked to the pool and stayed for a while inside the library, while waiting for dinner time at the Lido. Our dinner was great with a huge buffet selection.

The Library.

Dinner at Lido.

The most awaited part is the nightly show, this time the Magic Show Spirits by Vincent Vignaud. Most were excited that when we went to Zodiac Theater 15 minutes prior, it is already full.

After the show, we cant wait anymore for the midnight snack so my mom opted to buy coffee at the coffee shop (38 HKD with one hour free WiFi). Then we rested while the ship is so shaky as it is passing a very wavy part of the high seas. Later that night, I roamed around and found a club. The ship is so shaky that I decided to go back to the room after the supper.

Supper at Lido

The next day will be a shore excursion at Miyakojima, Japan.

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