Expenses for Our Star Cruises Experience


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Day6-Hello Manila!

Details HKD JPY NTD PHP Remarks
Accommodation in Manila (1 night) 1,600.00 Hotel in Malate, with breakfast
Meals in Manila 600.00 Fastfood
Mama’s Plane ticket 1,200.00 Utilized GetGo Points
GrabCar 389.00
Oceanview State Room with window room (640 USD) 42,408.00 6 Months installment, 0% Unionbank CC
Port charges (85 USD per person)
Gratuity Fee (500HKD per person) 1,000.00 Payable onboard
Coffee (Café latte w/ 1 hr WiFi) 38.00
Coca cola (1 can with service fee) 42.00
24-hour WiFi (3pcs, 44HKD ech, social media only) 132.00 Bought online
Shorex (Keelung, 2pax, 830HKD per pax) 1,660.00 Taipei Highlight Tour
Shorex (Miyakojima, 2 pax, 360HKD per pax) 720.00 Miyakojima Highlight Tour
Souvenir from Duty Free 64.00 Ref magnet
Pasalubong from Miyakojima 2,256.00 Assorted pastries
Pasalubong from Keelung 2,114.00 Assorted pastries and ref magnet
Compensation for changed itinerary -675.00 To be used only on food and beverages outlets onboard (we bought 10 dozens of Malaysian coffee! Eto na yung pasalubong hehehe)
Compensation for delay in Miyakojima -750.00 To be used anywhere onboard (We did not buy anything, we just deducted it from our total bill)
Sub Total 2,231.00 2,256.00 2,114.00 46,197.00
Conversion in Peso (estimate/average) 7.33 0.50 1.80 1.00
In Pesos 16,353.23 1,128.00 3,805.20 46,197.00
TOTAL PhP 67,483.43

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