Batanes: Random Shots (Part 4 of 4)

This is Part 4 of a 4-Part post about our visit to the Northmost province of the Philippines: Batanes. Part 1 is all about North Batan Tour, Part 2 is all about Sabtang Islang Tour, and Part 3 is all about South Batan Tour. Total expenses in Batanes: Php 21,387, including PAL round trip fare from Manila, accommodation, tour package, food, and souvenirs. 

So, our three days in Batanes are over and we are on our fourth and free day! We decided to spend half the day at the White Beach in Mahatao Town in Batan Island.

White Beach

We were advised by the staff at our accommodation that we have to agree with a trycicle driver to take us there and to pick us up at an agreed time. Since we were already late (9 AM), I guess the tricycles were already taken for a tour, so we find it hard to look for one.

Luckily, we found one which we paid 150 pesos one way but he was not sure if he can pick us up. We decided to ride anyway, after all it is near the highway so there must be another mode of transportation. At the White Beach, we met with our “classmates” on our three-day tour.

The beautiful white beach!

We enjoyed the beach as we are only four persons there at that time. The water is cold and we enjoyed swimming. We decided to go home around 11 AM and waited for a transpo at the road. We did not find any, good thing our “classmates” were fetched and they decided that we would ride with them.

Bik Sa Frappe Café

We enjoyed the afternoon at Basco town proper. We roamed around town and bought souvenirs. My cousin wants to drink shake and we found this cool coffee shop just a few meters down the street from our inn.

The wall at the small sitting area.

The menu, see how cheap it is?

You can post messages in the wall.

I drank the cheapest but very good frappe at 50 pesos at Bik Sa Frappe! The barista is the the owner herself and she just loves making drinks for costumers. Asked why she is selling the drinks cheap, she said that she wants the people to taste frappe at a lower price even if their profit is small. 

One-day old – Best breakfast in Batanes

Until this day, I still crave for the signature Batanes breakfast of one-day old. It is a one-day old flying fish which was sun dried and air dried (daing) which tastes so good. I wish someone would sell online and ship it.

My favorite breakfast in Batanes!

Blow Your Horn Sign

The Blow Your Horn sign is extremely common in Batanes. This is mainly due to the narrow roads that blowing your horns is important especially on curved roads. This sign is also common in souvenir shirts, keychains and reg magnets.

Always blow your horn at the narrow roads.


Bikes are so common in the island! Due to the narrow roads, bikes are preffered mode of transpo. You can even rent a motorcycle and do your own tour of the island. There are also bikes for rent in the town.

Those bikes.

Accessorized Vehicles

Common in Batanes especially in Sabtang Island are the accessorized vehicles using cogon grass. We could find this in tricycles and pick up trucks. 

The uniquely accessorized trucks and tricycles.

But the most admirable thing about Batanes is the extremely friendly people. The kids, when they see tourists, they immediately go near and grab the hands to make “mano.” It would be nice if you could have some candies in handy to give to these kids as sign of gratitude. 

And at the end of your trip, when you ride the plane back to Manila, the members of the airport crew line up and wave until you cannot see them anymore. 

Dios Mamajes, Batanes!



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